Saturday, November 19, 2016

Scott Adkins Set To Bring Passion Project 'The Accident Man' To The Big Screen

 “Can't wait to bring this guy to the screen. Been working hard in the shadows to bring my passion project to the screen. It’s almost time #liveyourdreams
That’s how actor and martial artist Scott Adkins announced to his followers on Facebook and Twitter that he is set to take on the leading role in his new movie project, The Accident Man.  

Scott Adkins has stated in interviews done while promoting Doctor Strange that playing the role of the comic book character of Mike Fallon aka The Accident Man and bringing this project to screen has been a passion project of his since the age of fourteen when he came across the comic. So much so that, twenty years later he bought the rights to it so he could make his own movie version which will begin production early next year. The film is based on a graphic novel from the defunct monthly UK comic Toxic!, which was written by Pat Mills and Tony Skinner in the early 90s.
The Accident Man centers around skilled and cold-blooded hitman, Mike Fallon whose trademark is to make all his hits look like accidents. He has no remorse over who he kills and his only passions are money, women, and material possessions. Fallon is the very epitome of the sociopath and anti-hero. His brutal and cavalier lifestyle is abruptly interrupted when his ex-wife Beth, a Greenpeace activist, is murdered. This brutal act sends Fallon on a relentless mission to bring her killers to justice or death. What Fallon doesn’t know is that his targets might be closer to him than he ever imagined.
Scott Adkins, who was born and raised in Sutton Coldfield, England, states that his intrigue in playing the role of The Accident Man is in part due to sharing the character’s interest in the martial arts and having the same very British sense of humor. Adkins has stated that he would like to see more action movies being made in Britain. The Accident Man, which is being filmed in London, will be a British made film filled with the kind of brutal fight action that fans of his work have come to expect from him. Which is more of him living his dream as Scott Adkins has encouraged his Facebook followers to do as well.
Adkins will also be behind the camera as well on The Accident Man. He will be co-writing the script along with Stu Small and will be a producer on the film. The Accident Man will be directed by Jesse V. Johnson. The film also stars Ashely Greene, Michael Jai White (whom starred opposite Scott Adkins in Undisputed II), Ray Park and Amy Johnson. Fight coordinator Tim Man whom Adkins previously worked with in Pit Fighter will be taking on the fight coordinator duties in The Accident Man.
Scott Adkins can currently be seen on the big screen in his role as the Strong Zelot Lucian in the blockbuster hit, Doctor Strange. You can keep up with Scott Adkins on his Official Face Book page and Twitter Account.

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