Monday, July 25, 2016

Trailer Review: WONDER WOMAN (Trailer #1)

With Comic-Con hype at fever pitch, DC and Warner Bros. gave us our very first real trailer for the upcoming wildly anticipated movie, Wonder Woman! Check it out below:

I feel like I have kind of an inverse sort of confidence in the DC film universe. Despite the fact that I dislike Batman v Superman a lot (moreso now than I did when I saw it), I'm weirdly very, very excited for both Justice League and for this movie. And with this trailer, I feel like that faith is at least somewhat validated. I don't think it's a perfect trailer, but it does set up the movie to have a lot of potential for the first major female-led superhero blockbuster.

The thing that REALLY gets me is how much brighter this movie seems to be compared to BvS. Not that I'm someone who thinks that all superhero movies need to be bright and colorful and funny and not make you think (my favorite superhero movie is Watchmen, by the by), but this couldn't be as grim as in BvS. If we were going to establish Wonder Woman as a symbol of hope, truth, and justice, then, it couldn't be that dark, and fortunately, it's not. The color on Diana's outfit is almost jarringly bright, and the Lasso of Truth has a shining glow that really makes it a dynamic piece of the action. The action really is probably the biggest spectacle in the Wonder Woman trailer. It's stylish, looks great with the lasso, shield, and sword, and it really gets across Wonder Woman as a real primal, dynamic force to be reckoned with.

I said this to someone while discussing this trailer, but I feel like that this movie, wisely so, takes a lot of pages out of the Captain America: The First Avenger handbook. That film so expertly handled its character as a mythic figure in a time period looked at through such rose-tinted lenses, turning it into a rollicking adventure. This film is likely to be a bit more cerebral given the setting of World War I instead of II, as well as Diana seeming to have more of an arc here than Steve Rogers did, but at it's core, it wouldn't surprise me to have that be a part of its DNA.

If there's anything that worries me, it's some of the acting. Most of the cast is fairly solid, and Etta Candy's actress has a great moment at the end. Really, it's Gal Gadot that worries me some. Part of the trailer make her sound fairly stilted, which I'd worried about since she was cast in the first place. That being said, she doesn't look awful. And that bit at the end with Etta Candy was also probably one of the better bits of acting from her that I've seen. So jury's out. We'll have to wait for a proper story trailer to really judge that aspect.

So, despite what I probably SHOULD be thinking, I'm excited for this movie. This trailer gets me very excited to see the First Lady of Comics finally hit the big screen.

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2nd, 2017.

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