Tuesday, August 22, 2017


A Doggone Hollywood is truly a family movie that everyone can enjoy. Like A Doggone Christmas, this movie centers around a telepathic dog named Murphy and even though it has many of the same actors and actresses as in the first Doggone movie, everyone is playing different characters in different situations.

In A Doggone Hollywood, Murphy the wonder dog (played by Youtube sensation Just Jesse the Jack and voiced by Steve Altman) is a the star of a hit show called Doggie 911. Yet the life of a big Hollywood star is not the ideal dog's life for Murphy, who is treated like a moneymaking thing rather than a little dog who yearns to be loved. One day when Murphy is just finished filming with his self-absorbed human co-star Dirk Stevens (played by action star, Paul Logan) the little dog is dumped into the back of a limousine by his heartless trainer to be kept away from some children who just wanted to pet him.

Another group of children, unhappy that they couldn't get close enough to Murphy to take a picture of him for their friend Peter (played by Walker Mintz) who has been crippled in a car accident, contact Peter to let him know. Peter may be confined to a wheelchair, but he is a technology whiz who soon finds a way to hack the computer system on the limo and set Murphy free. This causes chaos in the production set of Doggie 911 as the production is already behind schedule. So, the frantic chase is on to either get Murphy back or find another dog to replace him on the show.

What ensues is a movie that is heartwarming, yet liberally dosed with the kind of action and slapstick comedy that will make children and adults laugh and cheer for the kids and Murphy. The child actors in A Doggone Hollywood, Walker Mintz, Jolie Ledford, Jayden Hedden, Dilan Patton and Jonathan Tysor, are extremely talented. Their characters are smart and competent, yet still remain childlike and innocent. The kind of kids that parents wouldn't mind being friends with their kids.

A Doggone Hollywood is filled with appearances by some well known stars such as screen actor Michael Pare as the sheriff, action star Cynthia Rothrock as guest star on Doggie 911, and comedian Shadoe Stevens as a studio executive.  The move also stars Jaret Sacrey and Freddy John James as the two studio security agents assigned to keep an eye on Murphy. Sacrey and James add the kind of comedic timing and physical slapstick ability that brings much of the fun to A Doggone Hollywood as they are the foil to the kids and the dog. Another delight in A Doggone Hollywood comes in the form of the only character that is in both movies, that of Principal Callahan played by Mark Tietsort who gives a dead on impersonation of Clint Eastwood.

While A Doggone Hollywood does have some flaws that are too easy to notice, like the obvious use of a stuffed dog doubling for Murphy in some scenes and some really bad CGI effects in the zipline chase scene, these things do not detract in the least from the fun of watching the movie and the real message behind it; that fame and fortune is just empty without the love of family and friends.

A Doggone Hollywood is a movie that is safe for children of all ages to watch. No bad language, no sexual content or adult jokes. Just pure fun and a great story.

Marla's Score: 8/10

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