Thursday, February 9, 2017

What's on Netflix?: THE WORLD'S END

Welcome to another installment of WHAT'S ON NETFLIX?, where we pick out a film or series currently on Netflix and review it for the fans. This weeks selection is the action comedy film... THE WORLD'S END.

Going through the Canadian version of Netflix I saw a film I had not seen in a long time. It was The World’s End, directed by Edgar Wright. The film is part of the Cornetto Trilogy. The other two films being Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. All three films are wonderfully made in terms of acting, directing, editing, score, and script. However, The World’s End is definitely my favourite of the three.

The World’s End is about Gary King, an alcoholic who goes about tracking down his old school friends to finish ‘The Golden Mile’ (a pub crawl through 12 different pubs in their home town of Newton Haven with the final pub being ‘The World’s End’).

Nobody, and I mean nobody, makes films like Edgar Wright. Every shot, cut, music cue, and visual effect could be used for comedy. He is furthering the boundaries of the genre of comedy. This film is just one of the many showcases of his talent. The film sounds simple, but it’s much more than that. The themes that play out in the film are quite relevant. The character arcs of each of the friends are interesting and refreshing. The story is successfully able to stay on course while also adding character beats at the same time. I think every actor in this film is exceptional. They're not performances geared towards Oscars, but that doesn’t discredit them in any way. I can’t see any other actor playing the parts that are currently set for the actors.

Edgar Wright is a revelation. His editing, pacing, and writing will inspire many generations to come. Where most comedy films in this generation feel half improvised, this film feels like every frame was in the directors head. He’s not doing this on the spot because he’s a genius. He is probably the one of the best filmmakers, if not the best, working today. What makes him special is how different from the norm he is. When you see his films, you know he made it. He can be imitated, but never replicated.

Overall The World’s End is incredible from start to finish, described from Edgar himself as a “social science fiction.” The film gives homage to some older science fiction films that you can tell Wright grew up watching. It is one of my favourite films of all time, with an ending that will leave you wanting more. This film is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Khizer's Score: 10/10

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