Thursday, October 20, 2016

Trailer Review: LOGAN (A Double Take)

Howdy fellow film freaks, Robert and The Merc are here to give you our thoughts on the first trailer for Logan.

Oh happy day. Hugh Jackman is returning for what is, by my rough estimation, his 147th appearance as Wolverine in the new movie Logan, debuting March 2017. Bask in the sunshine and happiness that is the first trailer below:


By all the bones of the saints, what a depressing piece of advertising! And the worst part about it is that it seems to be a rehash of The Wolverine, only without the exotic Japanese scenery. So the mutants are all "gone", except for ol' Wolvie, who can't die because of that damned healing factor of his. Professor X is still around, too, because reasons. Wolvie is once again lonely and depressed because he's Wolverine and that's what he does, apparently. But of course he'll find something to fight for, and as in the previous movie, it's female: a young mutant known only as X-29. For her, Wolvie will find a reason to fight, and so he'll eventually get around to being a badass again, but have no fear. This will all have likely blown over by the time the next Wolverine picture rolls around.

If you're a Wolverine fan, you're probably going to go see this movie. I am not a Wolverine fan, and I'm frankly sick of Hugh Jackman's endless portrayals of the character as an eternal angstboy. This movie better end with Wolvie discovering Zoloft, because after all the times we've had to watch this miserable scrap of mutated man-meat grouse about how he can't die, I'm thinking he's just not trying hard enough. As for me, I'm gonna go watch some ASPCA commercials to cheer up. 


As opposed to Robert, I actually am a fan of the character, and LOVED this trailer.  We get some great shots teasing the use of comic book storylines like "Old Man Logan" and "The Death of Wolverine".  This is shown by the aged Wolverine in a dystopian wasteland setting, and his scarred up back, proving to me that the rumor of his powers fading is actually true, which leads to his death, at least in the comics.

That's where X-23 comes in.  If they follow this storyline, she will most likely take over the mantle of Wolverine, as she has in the comics.  I was stoked when they announced she would be in this film, as I've loved the character since her inception in the animated series, X-Men: Evolution.  It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.

We also need to talk about Professor X.  Obviously, he is very old, and seemingly on his last legs.  And if rumors are true, he will also be suffering from dementia, which, for a very powerful telepath like himself, can be very dangerous for those around him.  Another interesting thing I noticed was the scene with him laying in the fallen water tower.  To me, it kind of looked like Cerebro.  Did they build a makeshift Cerebro out of a water tower? I hope so, because that would be awesome.

As for Wolverine himself, yes he seems downtrodden, but not in an emotional way, like in The Wolverine, but more of a physical and mental way.  He looks tired and beaten down by a long life of just fighting to survive.  And Jackman plays it perfectly.  And looks great to boot!

All in all, this trailer was a fantastic first look at what looks to be the best Wolverine story of all the films, not just his solo ones.  I guess we'll just have to wait to see it.

Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017. 

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