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Welcome to MOVIE MUSIC MANIA, where we talk about some of the amazing music that shapes the films we love.  This week we take a look at the soundtrack for the 90's classic...DAZED AND CONFUSED.

With Everybody Wants Some!! having come out a couple months back, a spiritual sequel to the movie in discussion today, it felt like a good time to mention one of the most fun and enjoyable soundtracks of all time. Filled with 26 classic songs to guarantee a good time while watching the movie titled after the Led Zeppelin classic Dazed and Confused, a song which surprisingly isn't in the movie.

A coming-of-age film that spent a sixth of its 6.9 million dollar budget on it's soundtrack alone, should be a good indicator that there will be some memorable tracks in its credits, however Richard Linklater really does outdo his other in terms of only the soundtrack for this film, and there isn't a song I would change to better reflect this. Although, comprised of so many songs, I will only be discussing my personal highlights from the soundtrack.

The soundtrack kicks off with Aerosmith's Sweet Emotion, a song, like many in the soundtrack, with a strong guitar riff and backbone, that is catchy and pulls you into the film. Straight after this, you get Highway Star by Deep Purple, probably more famous than the first mentioned song, and rightly so, a song filled with the energetic strong vocals and guitar the band is known for. The catchy tunes continue with the eccentric Alice Cooper's Schools Out, accompanied by a scene in which of course, school is ending for the summer, perfectly complementing the film. No More Mr. Nice Guy also makes an appearance later in the film, used alongside a scene involving Ben Affleck as the typical tough guy senior.

The soundtrack is even used for comedic effect, handing out some slow burn laughs by coupling the use of Why Can't We Be Friends? by War, with a scene in which the new seniors initiate the freshman into school in a variety of amusing and creative ways. My personal favourite track in the film is Low Rider also by War, working alongside scenes of the films teens driving around the town and relaxing. A few scenes later Ozzy Osbourne's Black Sabbath makes an appearance in the form of Paranoid, working well with the stoner scene in the film.

Rock And Roll All Nite, by KISS, is used in a great way too, signifying how one of the freshman characters, Mitch, is going to spend his night. Then, Cherry Bomb, a song probably better known from Guardians of the Galaxy nowadays, is used in a fun way too, also a fun song used in a similar way to the previous. One of my other favourite uses in this film is Slow Ride by Foghat, with the characters slowly fading out after having a wild night, driving into the distance and relaxing in bed, perfectly ending the film for me.

One of the main reasons I feel this soundtrack works so well with the audience, is that when the music is played during the film, it is almost always used in a way in which the characters themselves are listening to and enjoying the music, in many cases this is through the radios in their car. This means that the audience is allowed to connect to these characters on another level and almost tap their feet along with them.

I have always felt that Dazed and Confused wouldn't work quite as well if it didn't have the soundtrack that it does, as someone who was born in the 90s, this soundtrack brings me back to the 70s and makes me feel as if I was there. I think it was necessary to use songs solely released in the period, it sets up the lively feel and tone of this film. This is one soundtrack that will truly stand the test of time, if you haven't seen Dazed and Confused, you are definitely missing out on a great soundtrack and film. It even includes Matthew McConaughey's first film role. If you simply don't have the time, listen to the soundtrack at least, I'm sure you won't regret it.

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