Thursday, July 25, 2019

What's on Netflix?: DEAD TO ME - Season 1

Review by: Lisa Zimmerman

Netflix is known for its binge-worthy shows, new and old, such as Grey's Anatomy and Stranger Things. Dead to Me is another such series. I first tuned into Dead to Me because of Christina Applegate, but I kept watching because of the interesting plot and the onscreen chemistry of the actors involved.

I was drawn to the show because of the protagonist losing someone she loves, which is something I am able to relate to that on many levels. Grieving is a difficult process and everyone handles it differently. This show explores that intelligently. Some shows come off as too sentimental when it comes to grief, however, Dead to Me shows people handling grief in a much more realistic manner.

The plot, at first glance, is a simple one: a beloved husband and father dies in a hit and run accident.  Jen, played by Christina Applegate, is determined to find out who ran down her husband, Ted, and left him to die. She meets Judy, played by Linda Cardellini, at a grief counseling session and the two become fast friends. Was it just an unusual coincidence or something more?

Judy's secrets have a profound impact on Jen and her family. However, it’s one of those secrets that undoubtedly would destroy her friendship with Jen. Her ex-boyfriend, Steve, is also in on the secret. The scene where this shocking secret is finally revealed to the audience is riveting, to say the least. When the camera reveals the car that killed Ted sitting in a storage unit, that's when the series took a dark and twisted turn for me.

Secrets are an essential part of this show's storyline. Both Judy's and Ted's secrets send Jen into an emotional upheaval. However, Jen has a secret of her own that's revealed in the last episode. This secret will bond them forever.

I give Dead to Me a 10/10 for acting and plot. Appelgate and Cardellini are great together onscreen. The plot was well-written and I like where the writers are going with the show. I'm already looking forward to Season 2.

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