Tuesday, April 30, 2019


May is here, and you know what that means? The summer movie season has officially started, and what better way to celebrate than with a friendly competition! So I present to you all the Merc With A Movie Blog Summer Film Challenge!

I first came across this game while listening to a great film podcast called Feelin' Film (check it out if you haven't).  They started their Summer Movie Challenge in 2016 and after listening to it, I was inspired to give it a go myself.  So we did our first Summer Film Challenge the following year, and it was great.  They apparently got the idea from SlashFilm's Summer Movie Wager, who, in turn, got theirs from TimeTravelReview's Summer Movie Pool.

So this year I called upon a couple of my fellow DC Comics News cohorts, Seth Singleton and Brad Filicky, to make this happen,  So, without further ado, let's get into the rules of the game!

Each participant will pick out what they believe will be the Top 10 domestic grossing films of the Summer.  "Summer" in this case will be from May 1st all the way up through Labor Day.  Only films released during that time frame are eligible and only the box office results between those dates will count.  We will also each choose three "dark horse" picks, films we think have the possibility of hitting the Top 10.

The scoring will be as such, with the first and last picks being weighted the heaviest.  Scores will be tabulated to give the single highest point value for each players pick.

#1 & #10 - 13 points
#2 - #9 - 10 points
If a pick is only one spot away - 7 points
Two spots away - 5 points
Anywhere in Top 10 - 3 points
If a Dark Horse pick makes it in Top 10 - 1 point

Alright, so with that out of the way, LET'S GET READY TO RUUUUUUUMMMMMMBBLLLLEEEEE!!!

And there you have it, folks!  Our top picks for the Summer of 2019.  What do you think of our picks?  What would you change?  What are you most looking forward to this Summer?  Let us know in the comments below!

Also, be sure to stick with us as I'll be posting updates each week, going over the films released so far and where the point standings are at that time.  Also, at the midway point (early July), I will have Seth and Brad back for a podcast update to talk about what has come out thus far and what is still to come!

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