Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Movie Review: ACRIMONY (2018)

I know there are people who don't think Tyler Perry has any talent as an actor or filmmaker, but I'm not one of those people. Two of my favorite movies of his are Madea's Family Reunion and The Family That Preys.

His latest outing is Acrimony, starring the fabulous and talented Taraji P. Henson. I loved her in Baby Boy and of course the hit show Empire, and she's the main reason I decided to see this in theaters. Henson has great depth as an actress and her ability to play diverse roles is exquisite.

The film's plot tells of a woman named Melinda who gives up everything, including her inheritance for the man she loves, her husband of 18 years. Her sisters warn her of his deceptive ways, but of course, she ignores them for years until everything falls apart.

One of my favorite scenes sets the precedent for Melinda's relationship with Robert for the rest of the film. After giving him money for an idea for a rechargeable battery, she does not hear from him for a few days. She shows up at his place and catches him with another woman. Her response is to drive her jeep into his trailer, almost killing all three of them. Yes, she still married him.

At first glance, Acrimony comes off as just another film about a woman seeking revenge. However, this film goes deeper than that. Melinda married Robert despite the fact that he was unfaithful. A woman wouldn't do that unless she was in it for love. She certainly didn't marry him for his money.

Another scene that was pivotal to the film was when Melinda tried to reconcile with Robert. His battery design made him a nice chunk of change. He paid Melinda back and saved her mother's house from foreclosure. Melinda shows up unannounced at his new apartment and congratulates him for finally selling his battery design. However, they are not alone. Robert's fiancee, Diana comes out and Melinda's face darkens. This is the same woman Robert had cheated on Melinda with before they got married. Seeing her brings Melinda beyond her breaking point. She feels that Diana has taken her life and everything that she deserves.

After finding out about Robert's engagement, Melinda starts harassing the couple. The court orders her to see a therapist, but the damage is too detrimental. Melinda's bitterness and jealousy will be her undoing.

Rotten Tomatoes gave this film a 25% approval rating and many critics gave it scathing reviews. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone said that Taraji's talent was wasted on the film. However, I enjoyed the film and thought all the actors worked well together. Lyriq Bent was cast perfectly as Robert. He was extremely smooth and charming. Acrimony is a great film for a night out with the girls.

Lisa's Score: 8/10

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