Friday, January 19, 2018

What's On Netflix?: WHITE GOLD

Welcome to another installment of What's on Netflix? where we pick out a film or series currently playing on Netflix and review it for the fans. This week's selection is WHITE GOLD, a hysterical British comedy featuring Ed Westwick that is set in the 1980's. It originally aired on BBC and was released on Netflix on August 11, 2017.

I'm sure most of our readers know the main character, Vincent Swan, from his days on Gossip Girl as the handsome scoundrel, Chuck Bass. His character on WHITE GOLD is similar to his character on Gossip Girl. Westwick adds a certain charm and likeability to his character even though he does some unscrupulous things in his business and marriage.

This show centers around Vincent, played by Ed Westwick, the leader of a double-glazed window sales team. His team includes Brian Fitzpatrick and Martin Lavender, played by Inbetweeners alum James Buckley and Joe Thomas. I hadn't had the pleasure of watching this series, but I'd only heard great things about it.

One of the funniest moments of the series was when the tax inspector came to Cachet Windows looking for Vincent because he owed 50,000 pounds. He had the company secretary, Carol, lie and say she had never heard of him. However, she turned out to be a horrible liar and it was hilarious to watch her try to talk her way out of it. The tax lady did take a special liking to Martin. You'll have to watch the series to find out what happens.

Another funny moment is learning that Martin had been the bassist for the Paul Young Band right before they hit it big. How in the world does one go from being in a successful band to selling windows? However, Martin gets the last laugh in the end.

There was one scene that added a vulnerability to its characters. Vincent had been having an affair with his son's young teacher. She ends up getting fired and confronts Vincent at his workplace. I felt such a sadness in my heart for her. Vincent acted like he could care less and that's the first time during the series that I actually disliked him.

I enjoyed watching this series because of the characters. Vincent Swan may be a cheating scoundrel, but he's almost impossible to resist. Brian Fitzpatrick and Martin Lavender are the perfect comedic duo. These three have fantastic onscreen chemistry and are a delight to watch.

Rotten Tomatoes holds this show at an 83% approval rating, however, it should've been 100%. I think audience members were excited to see Ed Westwick back on the small screen. If you are in the mood for something quirky or just need your Ed Westwick fix, then this is the series for you.

Lisa's Score: 9/10

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