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Welcome to another installment of What's on Netflix?, where we choose a film or series that is currently playing on Netflix and review it for our faithful and wonderful fans. This week we'll be taking a look at a series that was adapted from a Japanese television show, and originally ran from 1993-1995 ... MIGHTY MORPHIN' POWER RANGERS.

The series focused on five teenagers who fought together to save the planet, while dealing with real teenage issues such as bullies and the opposite sex. I was a teen when this series originally aired and got back into it on Netflix because my nephew enjoys watching it.

Season 1 introduces the evil alien sorceress Rita and her army of evil space aliens. Five teenagers are chosen to fight her in order to save Earth. Their mentor Zordon, was a being that bestowed their powers upon them. The five teenagers used teamwork to help each other defeat the sorceress. That is one thing I liked about the show, it showed friends working together to defeat evil.  This is the season that also introduced the infamous Green Ranger played by Jason David Frank.

Seasons 2 introduces Lord Zedd, Rita's superior. He throws her in a space dumpster for not being able to defeat the Power Rangers. Lord Zedd begins his own campaign to destroy Earth. However, Rita ended up coming back for revenge.  This season saw the return of Jason David Frank as the new White Ranger.

Season 3 introduces us to Rita's brother, Rito Revolto.  He comes to Earth and, with the help of some nasty monsters, destroys the Rangers' Thunderzords and the Tigerzoid. This spells trouble for the Rangers. Do the Rangers prevail victorious? You'll have to watch the series to found out.

I grew up watching this show and wanted to be the Pink Ranger, Kimberly. She was played by one of my favorite actresses Amy Jo Johnson, who went on to appear on the television show Felicity among other projects. I thought she was so pretty and I wanted to be able to do her marital arts moves so badly.

This series achieved a great deal of popularity in the early '90's.  However, it was met with much controversy because many parents felt it was too violent for young children. I will admit that when I watch it now it does have its violent moments I didn't notice when I was a teen.  But, I also think the show taught great lessons about friendship and helping others in your own community. There was apparently racial controversy as well because of the colors of the Power Rangers. Personally, I think that was a little extreme.

There have been many spin-offs and two feature films since the show's original airing in 1993. I'm not familiar with any of the spin-offs or films.  Many video games and merchandise were developed based on the television show as well.

The first three seasons of the original series were wonderful to watch. I loved the marital arts moves and the friendship between the rangers. It received a respectful 6.4/10 on This is a great series for the whole family to enjoy.

Lisa's Score: 8/10

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