Monday, May 8, 2017

Trailer Review: IT (Trailer #2)

This Fall, horror will reign!  The latest trailer for the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's IT has been released and we have it right here.  Check it out below:

When you’re a kid you think you’ll always be… protected. Cared for.” 

IT promises to hit us right in the feels. It might be the feels that remind you of summer, your childhood, and riding around the neighborhood with your friends. It might also be the feels that remind us to be afraid of the dark and cover our feet so nothing can grab us at night. Regardless, this will not only be a scary journey of a film, but an emotional one too, to say the least. 

It certainly seems promising that there will be fun banter between the children throughout the movie. With casting choices that include Finn Wolfhard and Wyatt Oleff we are guaranteed to get some quick and funny dialogue that remind you of being in middle school. “Do you use the same bathroom as your mother?” “Sometimes, yeah.” “Then you probably have crabs!” CLASSIC! That’s the kind of dialogue that speaks to you as a dumb middle schooler who is grappling with growing up while also being an incredibly awkward human at the time.

We also finally see Pennywise fully in this trailer. His costume is much more terrifying than Tim Curry’s rendition. The red balloons provide a great contrast to the muted colors of the cinematography that we have seen so far. I also have a feeling that there will be something to be said for the sort of androgynous sexuality that it looks like Pennywise will display. 

Overall, I can’t wait to see this film. The trailers so far aren’t giving away too many scares or plot points, which I appreciate, but they are setting up the expectation that we will be frightened and feel heavy emotions and nostalgia throughout the movie. 

IT hits theaters on September 8, 2017.

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