Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trailer Review: Pixar's COCO (Teaser Trailer #1)

2017 has been a great year for movies and Pixar's COCO looks like it will be no exception. The first official trailer looks adorable and fun. Check it out below:

The vibrant colors of the opening scene really made the action stand out. I thought the animation was colorful and graceful. That alone would've kept me in my seat. I knew even before the opening scene was complete that this looked like a great film.

The audience is intoduced to a young boy named Miguel, who aspires to be a musician. He likes to watch his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz, singing on television and even has a shrine for him. As Miguel watches him, he teaches himself how to play the guitar.  I enjoyed watching the young boy play guitar along with Ernesto. Miguel's facial expression while holding the guitar conveyed to me just how much he truly loves music.

One of the most important scenes is when Miguel holds up a picture of what I'm assuming is his mother, sister, himself and a man (father?). In the picture, the mystery man bears a striking resemblance to the singer Miguel so much admires. The picture seems to be an essential part of the story.

Miguel and his faithful dog end up in a place that resembles the Land of the Dead after playing the guitar that once belonged to the man from the photo. You first get the feeling that something is going on when the boy and his dog start walking through a ghost. This all happened after Miguel played the guitar.

I think Miguel ends up in the Land of the Dead because he needs to know about the past to have a future. The trailer ends right after Miguel arrives there. This is a great cliffhanger because the audience has no idea what will happen next.

I thought this trailer showed some of the best parts of the film without giving away the entire plot. After about thirty seconds into it, I was already thinking of taking my nieces to see it.

This film is about following your dreams. COCO is definitely a family-friendly film and I'm predicting that it does great at the box office. Now, I have another reason to look forward to Thanksgiving.

COCO is set to hit theaters on November 22, 2017.

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