Saturday, February 11, 2017

Short Film Spotlight: PIPER

Welcome to another installment of SHORT FILM SPOTLIGHT, where we highlight some of the best short films out there. This week, we'll be taking a look at the Oscar-nominated animated short PIPER directed and written by Alan Barillaro, a veteran Pixar animator.  Piper appeared in theatres alongside  Finding Dory and now it has found its way online.

I stumbled across this adorable gem while looking for a short film to review. I typed in Oscar nominated short films and this sweet little sandpiper popped up on my computer screen. After watching Piper for the first time, my day just got sweeter.

The musical score that played during the opening scenes was delightful and tranquil. It reminded me of being outside surrounded by nature. I also liked the editing because I felt like I was on the beach along the sandpiper. The little bubbles that kept popping up out of the water brought the animation to life. I especially noticed how the sandpipers looked so detailed and lifelike. Barillaro and the Piper animation team visited beaches in the San Francisco Bay area to study their appearance and behavior. The viewing public would be surprised in how much research and time are spent in making films, even short ones.

Piper starts out with a baby sandpiper trying to find food; but her first few attempts are thwarted.  The mother sandpiper watches close by and lets the baby sandpiper struggle because she needs to learn to survive. The relationship between the mother and baby bird is just like any other parent-childish  relationship. A parent must let a child go out on their own in order for them to learn how to survive.

One of my favorite scenes is when Piper is trying to go into the water to get food and a big wave sweeps her back to shore. However, she gets right back up and tries again. She also finds some little friends to help her. Now that is one determined little sandpiper!

After watching Piper, most people might think its just a cute film about an adorable baby sandpiper. However, after watching it a few times; I found real meaning behind it. It's a film about determination; the baby sandpiper never gave up on finding food. She overcame her fear of water in order to survive. We all could learn so much from this sweet little sandpiper.

I recommend this short film because it is family-friendly and has a moral lesson behind it. Please be sure to check it out, especially if the kids need a distraction. If you have any thoughts about this film, drop me a comment below.

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