Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trailer Review: LOGAN (Trailer #2)

The first trailer for the new film Logan was so good that most of us were sitting here asking ourselves if they just shot themselves in the foot. With the Johnny Cash music that created a tone that made us excited yet a little worried about the full movie, considering they probably weren’t going to run "Hurt" on repeat. That’s where all eyes went on the second trailer, worrying if it didn’t live up to the hype perhaps the greatness of the first trailer did really all come from the music. Put your worries aside, this trailer was fantastic.  Check it out below:

The first trailer established tone really well and this trailer does the same for the story. It’s enough to get anyone who wasn’t fully sold to go all in, yet at the same time it doesn’t spoil any of the major plot points in the film. The trailer starts with Logan and the little girl in a small convenient store, and just gets better from there.

Overall what I think sells this trailer the most is the interaction between Logan and the little girl (X-23). I think that bond between the two is something that will be really emotionally powerful in the film and help ground the film down to something we, as an audience, can relate to.  

Where I personally don’t think this trailer is better than the first, it still is an excellent trailer that is just adding a level of excitement to a film I didn’t think I would be this excited about. What this trailer also has is a sort of The Last of Us meets Leon: The Professional kind of vibe, at least from this trailer. Both incredible stories and excellent sources to draw from, for a film like this.

Overall I think this film looks like it could steal the title of best comic book movie in 2017 very easily, in a year that is the most packed full of comic book films. 

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