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Welcome to another installment of the TRASH BIN, where we watch the worst movies Hollywood has to offer, according to the critics, and give you our thoughts, good or bad. This week's pick is the 2006 comedy, MADEA'S FAMILY REUNION.

I'm certain by now that most cinephiles know who Tyler Perry is. He has starred, written, and directed the plethora of films in the Madea franchise, including today's pick, Madea's Family Reunion. There are several films that star this lovable yet crazy character, Madea, and she is one of the main reasons I enjoyed this film. Madea goes beyond for her family and that is rare quality seen in people these days.

Its predecessor, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, received mixed reviews from critics such as Roger Ebert. Madea's Family Reunion also received mixed reviews from critics, but both films are loved by audiences. Sometimes, as the case may be, critics and audiences just don't agree on certain films. I, personally, thought both films were wonderful and inspirational. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has an audience approval of 84%. Most critics said it was sincere in its positive intentions but lacked something as a film.

For those of you reading this that haven't seen the movie, I'll give a quick overview. Madea decides to help two of her nieces, Vanessa and Lisa, with their romantic issues while trying to plan a big family reunion. Their mother, Victoria (played by a talented Lynn Whitfield), comes off as Mommy Dearest in the film and does not treat either daughter well.

There are some great scenes in the film that show family members coming together and helping each other. One of my favorite scenes is when Madea tells her niece Lisa how to take care of her of abusive fiancee. It involves a pan of hot grits, and I'll leave it at that. Another memorable one was toward the end of the movie when Vanessa got married instead of Lisa and her mother finally acted right. It was memorable to me because both Lisa and Vanessa got a happy ending. I'm not referring to happy endings that are in Disney fairy tales. Happy endings can and do happen in real life. Vanessa and Lisa both suffered hardships in their lives and some of the blame of that was from their mother's actions. By the end of the film, Lisa got rid of her abusive fiancee and Vanessa married a man who loved and appreciated her and her children.

Madea's Family Reunion is a great and inspirational film. It deals with real family issues and consequences, which is one of the reasons I related to it. I'm also a huge fan of Tyler Perry. This is a great film for the family or date night.


Rotten Tomatoes: 25%
Metacritic: 45
IMDb: 5/10


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