Sunday, December 4, 2016


Welcome to another installment of the TRASH BIN, where we watch the worst movies Hollywood has to offer, according to the critics, and give you our thoughts, good or bad. This week's pick is the movie that reviews itself in the title, BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR.

This movie is terrible. It is complete and utter garbage. But in the same way that The Room is hilarious, so is this. It is described as an independent romantic horror film, which is only horror in how horrible it is. It is directed by James Nguyen and although I'd like to believe it is purposefully bad, I don't think it is. Although, I could say otherwise for its sequel, and upcoming second sequel. Its budget was only $10,000 USD financed entirely by the director himself.

The plot surrounds a software salesman who starts dating an old friend, both acted terribly, who then begin to get attacked by birds for seemingly unknown reasons. While he completes his multi-billion dollar deal, she becomes a 'Victoria's Secret model.' The birds actually were able to spit acid and would explode upon impact, apparently due to global warming, one of the messages that the director continually and obviously drums across.

Eventually, the couple go on the run with another couple and two children. The couple die along the way and then the remaining group meet a self-proclaimed 'tree-hugger' who tells them about global warming, as an obvious plot device, and that the birds are attacking in retaliation for global warming. The two children and the couple end up settling on a beach and seemingly are about to be attacked by birds, but suddenly the birds fly away and the movie ends.

Throughout the whole not so convoluted but entirely ridiculous plot, hilarity ensues. It is so funny to watch the terrible acting and voice dubs which somehow make the acting even worse. It's extremely funny to watch the worst CGI birds I have ever seen as well as the directors explanations and how he thought of masterpieces like Apocalypse Now while making this film as well as being inspired by another great film, The Birds directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

In my opinion the best way to understand what this film is by watching the scenes in the film, such as when they fight off birds with coathangers, and when you see CGI birds crash into things to see even worse CGI smoke and flames. This film truly does not have much to analyze and is a beautiful disaster of a movie. While it may receive an A+ for one of Chris Stuckmann's Hilariocity reviews, it most certainly deserves less here.


Rotten Tomatoes: 20%
IMDb: 1.8/10

Chris's Score: 0/10

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