Monday, December 26, 2016

Trailer Review: ALIEN: COVENANT

So, the long awaited trailer for Alien: Covenant has finally arrived. I love anything to do with the Alien franchise, or Ridley Scott for that matter. He has a gift for mixing science fiction and horror with amazing results. Check out the trailer below:

The crew of the Covenant are headed toward a remote planet. They think they have discovered paradise. However, that's not the case as it turns out to be a dark and menacing place. The only inhabitant is David (played by Michael Fassbender who is reprising his role), the only survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition. Will the Covenant crew survive? You'll have to watch the film to see.

Two things caught my eye within the first 30 seconds, the closeup of a blue eye and the mesmerizing background music, which was composed by Harry Gregson-Williams. The close-ups of the actor's faces really showed their fear and determination in this trailer.

The editing was clean as it went from one crew member having a conversation with the captain (played by Billy Crudup) to the crew exploring the remote island. Then all of sudden, this creature pops out of nowhere. I wasnt even sure what it was at first, but it made me jump!

The imagery is breathtaking and the special effects are great. I love how the colors blue and black are utilized. I couldnt take my eyes off the screen.

There is a fair amount of violence in this trailer and because of that I wouldnt recommend it for a family movie night. However, it looks like a great film from just this first trailer, and is one you should definitely see in theatres. 

Alien: Covenant hits theaters on May 19, 2017.

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