Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trailer Review: GHOST IN THE SHELL (Trailer #1)

The official trailer for the highly anticipated, yet highly controversial film, Ghost In The Shell, has finally dropped.  Check it out below:

The Ghost In The Shell trailer is two minutes of beautiful Asian imagery combined with flashes of intense violence, and is done so in such a great way. This movie is based off a Japanese manga about a cyborg policewoman trying to bring down an infamous computer hacker. Scarlett Johansson plays The Major, the cyborg policewoman. There was quite a bit of backlash about Johansson playing a Japanese woman, what with the recent push backs against Hollywood whitewashing and all.

Nevertheless, the costumes shown in the trailer are exquisite and eye-catching. I also enjoyed Johansson's acrobatic stunts. The costumes and the stunts caught my attention immediately and make me want to see more.

I'm not familiar with the source material of this film. However, the trailer is glorious and that alone makes me want to watch the film. Also, seeing Scarlett Johansson fighting crime in a skintight suit with a gun doesn't hurt either. If you are a fan of manga, action, or both and want to see Scarlett Johansson kick some ass, then get over to theaters when this comes out next year.

Ghost In The Shell hits theaters on March 31, 2017.

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