Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Movie Review: ALLIED

Allied is the latest film from acclaimed director Robert Zemeckis. The film follows the story of two spies during World War II who meet, fall in love, and get married before some revelation or rumor bubbles to the surface and drives the primary mystery plot forward. The film stars Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard, Jared Harris, Simon McBurney, and Lizzy Caplan. Overall, this film struck me as a pretty basic storyline that didn’t get me overly invested but was executed extremely well.

Zemeckis absolutely nails the direction in this film. Every bit of the execution of this film felt completely competent and successful. All of the actors did their jobs well, the cinematography by Don Burgess was stunning, Alan Silvestri’s score was well incorporated, and the story evolved rationally and interestingly. If I step back from the story and look at it as objectively as possible, this is probably one of the best made films of the year.

Pitt and Cotillard star in this film and carry the story and emotional weight on their backs. Both of them deliver competent performances that had moments that really invested me in the story. Cotillard in particular has a certain presence about her that she brings to this film to really great effect and made it distinctly more enjoyable to watch.

The last real positive I had with this film was its use of language. It always shifted into the proper language for the geography or situation which gave the film a really genuine and positive feel. I also enjoyed the consideration and interest in accents (particularly with French) that gave the film yet another layer of realness. The film also trusts that the audiences has some worldly experience and doesn’t subtitle or translate everything said in a foreign language. I can see some people missing some things here or there but overall it allowed me to get more into the film and less worried about reading the subtitles.

The biggest problem I had with this film is that I didn’t get invested. Despite the skillful execution in this film I didn’t get emotionally invested in the story and I frequently felt that the characters were doing things that didn’t make sense or were generally unwise. I also found that the pacing dragged a bit (especially in the middle portion where there are some time jumps) which caused me to care even less about the things going on in the film.

Overall, Allied was a solid film. It was tremendously competent. Properly made and well directed but lacked a story that earned the proper investment from the audience. Worthwhile film to check out though!

Ryan’s Score: 8/10

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