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Boo! A Madea Halloween is the twelfth appearance of the character Madea and is directed by, written by, produced by, and stars Tyler Perry. In this latest entry the character Brian (Perry) enlists the help of Madea (Perry) to watch over his teenage daughter (Diamond White) to make sure she didn’t leave the home to go to a Halloween frat party in the area. I certainly am not the biggest fan of Madea as a character and have only seen a smattering of her films, however I have to confess I got some enjoyment out of this film even if it has some serious flaws.

Beginning with the positives, I thought this film was fairly funny. This is probably the most important baseline for a comedy and I think this film hits that. It wasn’t constantly “laugh out loud” funny but there were some scenes with really excellent comedy and some great zingers throughout that really worked with the delivery Perry and others brought to them. On that note, I also want to compliment the performance Perry brought to this film. He plays three characters in this film and manages to give them all life and interesting elements, however the character he shines as is Madea where he really executes every element of that performance extremely well for what it was. I thought that Cassi Davis as Aunt Bam was a comedic scene stealer in this film as she had so many moments that were too good to pass up.

I also thought that the way this film slides a message into an otherwise nonsense comedy film was clever and worked. This is obviously not foreign to Tyler Perry films that usually have a religious message (though this film mostly avoids that) this film really takes on the parent/child relationship. Not that this is in any way relevant to anyone else, but I could see a lot in this message and the views of the characters that I could relate to in my own upbringing which did make me connect with the film somewhat more. I do think that the range of thoughts and perspectives it offers will allow it to connect with a broad base of people and make this film effective at what it’s trying to accomplish.

Despite hitting a lot of the baselines a good film in the genre needs to achieve, Boo! A Madea Halloween has some serious issues. For starters, this movie is very poorly shot and directed. Things are positioned weirdly, the framing is poor, and for some reason there were imperfections in the image that would come and go throughout that was very distracting for me watching this film. Tyler Perry obviously has a character he knows is successful and though I cannot weigh in on this fully I’ve come to understand his direction has improved. The improvement is not good enough for me to give it a pass however. Additionally, it’s not as if this film tries any difficult shots and fails. Everything in it is very conventional and to fail and be conventional is unacceptable in a major feature film.

In addition to direction issues, this film also features some poor dialogue moments, some characters that didn’t land, and a weird and abrupt conclusion. I thought that for every couple funny moments, there was a moment that induced a negative physical reaction. That’s not a great record and was something I really wish was avoided in this film. I also thought for as good as Madea, Brian, Aunt Bam, and Joe were, there were some rough characters. The real standouts in this negative distinction were Patrice Lovely as Hattie and Liza Koshy as Aday. I really didn’t connect with what they did with their characters and they detracted from my experience. The film is also very abrupt story and setting-wise in many ways. It felt like a stage play at times where they would announce and noticeably move from set to set in the film. I couldn’t stop thinking about this which made it tough to buy into what was actually going on in the narrative. It all culminated at the end with a conclusion that just came kind of out of nowhere and has some issues with the characters’ previous motivations and choices.

Overall, Boo! A Madea Halloween is certainly not a great movie, nor a good one for that matter. It provides some temporary, harmless entertainment with a kind of interesting serious message and then will drift into obscurity until it reappears on cable during October in the future. If you don’t like Madea at all, you won’t get anything from this. If you find that character somewhat entertaining I don’t think you’ll leave feeling like you wasted your time. This movie isn’t terrible either and I had a reasonably good time with it as a whole.

Ryan’s Score: 4.5/10

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