Thursday, September 22, 2016

Why Haven't I Seen That?: BACK TO THE FUTURE

Welcome to a new instalment of WHY HAVEN'T I SEEN THAT?, where we talk about a must-see or iconic movie that we have never seen...until now. This week we take a look at the 1985 sci-fi classic...BACK TO THE FUTURE!


You know, after watching Back To The Future, I decided to dig into the behind the scenes stories! And after reading about the fact that Eric Stoltz was cast as Marty Mcfly and then replaced by Michael J. Fox, and about how the movie's script was rejected tons of times, and how it went over-budget etc, I started to wonder, if Back To The Future was being made today, the current film journalism would be tearing this movie apart before it even come out. I mean, look at what is going on now with Rogue One. With a story almost every day about the "EXTENSIVE RESHOOTS!! THE SKY IS FALLING!!!", or the fact that the composer has been replaced. If movie journalism was the same then as it is now, Back To The Future's box-office probably wouldn't of been as high as it was!



After years of hype, did Back To The Future live up to my sky high expectations? Yup, yeah, yes, Oui, Si, Ja and YASSSSS!

Back To The Future is an irresistibly fun, light-hearted adventure that, even though it is light-hearted, isn't afraid to go to dark places. It is the quintessential 80s sci-fi comedy, and I am happy to say that it is a recent addition to my personal top 10 favourite movies of all time!

The story is simple. Marty Mcfly is a high school kid who dreams of becoming something more than his parents, who are both washed up shells of their former selves. He wants to be a rock star, he is a cool kid, rides his skateboard, holds onto a truck on the way to school, has a pretty girlfriend but not popular enough to be, well, popular. He isn't a typical "nerd", but he is smart. He has an interest in science, and even has a friend who is also interested in science... really interested. His friend, Doctor Emmet Brown is an off the wall, eccentric "Mad Scientist" who has built a time machine. He has a dog named Einstein, who he uses as a guinea pig to test the time machine. The test is successful and the dog goes back in time and returns within minutes. The only mistake Emmet has made, is that his time machine is powered by plutonium... Plutonium that he stole from terrorists. When the terrorists arrive at Twin Pines Mall (the  location Marty and Emmet are testing the time machine), they shoot Emmet and Marty panics, runs into the time machine, which is built inside a Delorean, and goes back in time. But Marty doesn't just end up going back to 1980, no, he ends up going 30 years into the past to 1955, the same year his parents fell in love.

After a hilarious scene involving Marty, a farm and a trigger happy family man, we find our cool high school kid in a 1950s diner, confused and scared. It is there he meets his father, who looks and acts the same...But he is 30 years younger. Marty is perplexed at what he is seeing, and things get even more complicated for Marty when Biff, a bully who is still tormenting his father, even in 1985, walks into the diner and, in a similar fashion, torments George. Later on George is almost hit by car, but Marty saves him by jumping in the way, letting himself get hit instead. The driver is Marty's grandfather, his mother's father. Earlier in the movie it is stated by Marty's mother that she fell in love with George, after her father hit him with his car... Well, Marty sure is in a pickle now!

Marty's mother Lorraine, after Marty is nursed back to health by her and her family, starts to develop a crush on Marty, being of course, totally unaware that he is her future son. Marty leaves the home of his Mother and her family and tracks down a younger Emmet Brown, and tells him everything that has happened. Emmet encourages Marty to make sure his parents fall in love at the high school dance, or Marty and his sibilings will be erased from existence.

What ensues is, as I said, an irresistible, highly entertaining, heartfelt sci-fi comedy with larger than life characters like Emmet Brown, relatable characters like Marty, George and Lorraine, and a very strong villain in Biff. Back To The Future is, in my opinion, a timeless classic, that will be watched by new fans every day until the end of time.

Sammy's Score: 9.5/10

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