Saturday, September 17, 2016

Short Film Spotlight: RUN

Welcome to another installment of SHORT FILM SPOTLIGHT, where we dive into the world, you guessed it, short films, good or bad, and give you our thoughts. This week we take a look at a dramatic short about relationships...RUN.

Howdy fellow film freaks, Robert here. At only seven minutes, Run definitely puts the "short" in short film. But Run doesn't have a lot to say, so why should it take longer than it needs to say it?

Run is a brief commentary on what the description on calls "male indecision". Three young women are hanging out in a park and talking about whatever. The current topic is recessive vs. dominant genes, and while the conversation never gets above a grade school level, I'll give them bonus points for substance. Two guys show up and start kicking a soccer ball around; the women ask to join in, and a grand time is had by all. While the group have their fun, a woman's voice recites a poem about how men are prone to run from committed relationships, because they fear the change that such commitment brings. The recital pauses as the group breaks up and goes their separate ways because its starting to rain, and we see the beginnings of an attraction between two of them. But as the guys walk away, we learn those two will likely never see each other again, because he didn't get her number. "We wonder how tired you must be from all that running [away]," the woman's voice continues. "You mock us for rushing. But, my love, at least we run into things. Not away from them."

Male fear of commitment is a female complaint as old as time. Part of me wonders if we won't see a response film called Charge or some such, complaining about women who love to shop. It's the generalization that bugs me. No, it's not completely untrue; very few generalizations are completely untrue. But it's not completely true, either. Run, I think, is one of those short films that wants to start a "conversation", about relationships in this case, and the role of men in them. I wish it luck, but I think this film might be a little late to the party. See, there's an Internet, and relationships between men and women are one of its favorite topics. Checked Reddit or Facebook, lately? How's the relationship conversation going?

Run is a competently made little film, and I hope director Thea Gajic gets what she hoped for from it. Here in the real world, though, the message of Run is another case of closing the barn door after the horse has escaped. Let's talk about more current topics.

Run can be viewed in its entirety below.

Robert's Score: 3/10

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