Tuesday, August 9, 2016

WEEKEND ROUNDUP: 'Suicide Squad' Dominates Box Office, Breaks Records

Welcome to WEEKEND ROUNDUP, where we discuss this weekends box office results.  The TOP 3 films for the weekend of August 5-7 were Suicide Squad, Jason Bourne, and Bad Moms.

Let's take a look at this week's box office results:


Even with all of the negative reviews from critics, Suicide Squad still managed to demolish the competition at the box office, breaking the August weekend opening record.  Another stand out this week was the huge drop suffered by last week's #1 film, Jason Bourne.  Will this stop the franchise from going further? Only time will tell.



DC's latest film, Suicide Squad, crushed the August weekend opening record (previously held by Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy) with an impressive $133.7 million.  It also managed an additional $133.3 million in foreign grosses, for a worldwide total of $267 million, beating out the worldwide opening for the Fox/Marvel smash hit, Deadpool.


Matt Damon returns to one of his most famous roles in the fifth film in the Bourne franchise, Jason Bourne.  The new film took quite a dip this week, bringing in only $22.4 million, a drop of 62.2%.  This puts its domestic total at $103.1 million with a worldwide total of $194.1 million on a $120 million production budget.


The new R-rated comedy, Bad Moms, continues to do well, hanging on to the #3 spot once again with $14 million, a drop of only 41.2%.  This brings its domestic total up to $50.9 million with a worldwide total of $56.5 million on a $20 million production budget.  I wouldn't be surprised if they green light a sequel after the success it's having.


#1 - Suicide Squad - $133,682,248

#2 - Jason Bourne - $22,405,125

#3 - Bad Moms - $14,004,006

#4 - The Secret Life Of Pets - $11,500,590

#5 - Star Trek Beyond - $10,036,030

#6 - Nine Live (2016) - $6,249,915

#7 - Lights Out - $6,006,454

#8 - Nerve - $4,861,528

#9 - Ghostbusters (2016) - $4,676,192

#10 - Ice Age: Collision Course - $4,325,094

Join us next week for another edition of WEEKEND ROUNDUP!  Which movies will be on top?  Which movies will under perform?  Check us out right here for the scoop!

Opening this Friday (8/12):

~ Pete's Dragon
~ Sausage Party
~ Florence Foster Jenkins

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