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Welcome to another installment of the TRASH BIN, where we watch the worst movies Hollywood has to offer, according to the critics, and give you our thoughts, good or bad. This week's pick is the 2007 crime thriller...I KNOW WHO KILLED ME.

know Who Killed Me, written by Chris Sivertson and directed by Jeffrey Hammond, is a suspense story surrounding a regular high school student, Aubrey Fleming (Lindsey Lohan). She lives at home with her father, Daniel (Neal McDonough), and mother, Susan (Julia Ormand), she plays piano and dreams of being a successful writer. One night, after attending a football game with friends, whom she agrees to meet with again later to see a movie, Aubrey disappears. Two weeks later she is found unconscious in the middle of the woods with her right hand removed and the lower part of her right leg in need of amputation. At the hospital, she insists she is not Aubrey, but instead is an exotic dancer named Dakota Moss, which, coincidentally, is also the name of a character in a story Aubrey is writing for English class. Much to the frustration of her parents and the detectives on the case, ‘Dakota’ sets her mind to finding out why there seems to be two identical women, living two separate lives and why she is suffering from mysterious and devastating occurrences of damage to her body.

I Know Who Killed Me premiered in theaters in July of 2007. The movie had an estimated $12 million production budget, yet opened to a disappointing box office draw of a little over $7 million and received scathing reviews from critics and movie goes alike. It was called ‘a torture porn train wreck’, ‘pretentious and inane’, ‘unbelievable and dumb’. Lots of critics and such had issues with the use of overly vibrant reds and blues in almost every scene. Most had little good to say about Lindsey Lohan’s performance in the movie and that she was ‘destroying her career’.
What do I think about I Know Who Killed Me? I think it was a pretty decent movie. Yes, it could have been better in many ways. It often jumped around giving the story a disjointed feel, which may have been a misguided means of conveying to the audience the confusion the characters felt. I like that the writer and director took some cinematic chances that might not have been noticed by audiences. Like the use of the vibrant reds and blues in the lighting, costuming and sets. Their use lent subtle clues to the nature of the relationships between Dakota/Aubrey and the killer. To me, the bright blues represented the blues scale notes that still fall on the piano keys. The blue notes fall between the piano keys, between each blues scale note and its closest major-scale neighbor. In I know Who Killed Me Aubrey was having the most difficulty with the blues scale notes which was supposed to be the clue that the killer was her piano teacher (played by Thomas Tofel). Unfortunately, not something most movie goers know to look. Though his blue ring was a dead giveaway so that sort of negated any fancy use of blue. The use of the reds were easier to pick up on as it was a representation of the stigmata the twins were sharing; when one was injured the other suffered the same wound.

As for Lindsey Lohan’s acting in the movie, I thought it too was decent enough. No, it wasn’t going to win any awards, but in my opinion, she did a very convincing job of playing two separate characters. She made me believe that Aubrey and Dakota were different people raise under different circumstances.

Last of all, I really don’t understand all the reference to what few scenes there were of Aubrey being tortured by the killer as ‘disturbing’ or ‘torture porn’. The scenes were mild and brief in comparison to many other movies I’ve seen where victims are abducted by crazed killers.

Does I Know Who Killed Me belong in the trash bin? Definitely, but I think it deserves a look before you make up your mind.


RT: 7%
Metacritic: 16
IMDb: 3.6/10


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