Sunday, July 10, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: 'Estella's Revenge' Teaser Featuring Mikayla King's "Bad Girl" Track

This one is a little personal for me and presented with great pride, as I am involved with Ghost Walk Studios. We have been working hard on completing our next horror movie feature film, Estella's Revenge, which is a sequel to our Indie award winning film, Ghost Walk: The Farm. The film stars Robbie Barnes as 'Estella' and John Chiara as 'Johnny'. The movie also stars veteran horror film actor, Parrish Randall.

The talented singer/songwriter, Mikayla King presents the teaser of Estella's Revenge from Ghost Walk Studios featuring her hit song "Bad Girl" from the movie soundtrack. Get this song on V2D Records, iTunes, Google Play and more. Watch for the movie to premiere on the Indie film circuit in 2017.

Learn more about 'Estella's Revenge at the Ghost Walk Face Book page

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