Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What’s On Netflix?: KRISTY

Welcome to another installment of WHAT'S ON NETFLIX?, where we pick out a film currently playing on Netflix and review it for the fans.  This week's selection is the suspense thriller...KRISTY.

What happens when a shadowy cult of moral and social deviants decide it’s their right to hunt, torment and kill pretty young woman; to target them as something embodying everything the deviants hate?  You get a taut thriller that gives you an ‘edge of your seat’ rollercoaster ride of suspense like Kristy.

For the purposes of the cult, 'Kristy' is the name they give every young woman who fits their target profile regardless of who she really is. To them, ‘Kristy’ means “like Christ’ and has become their ideal for the innocence and purity they want to destroy. They want to ‘kill God’, and strike a reign of terror across the United States and beyond.

Directly into their murderous path and targeted to become the next ‘Kristy’ on the killers list is a college girl named Justine (played by Haley Bennett). Due to financial difficulties, Justine is spending the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend alone on campus, where she is studying.  Both her boyfriend, Aaron (played by Lucas Till), and her wealthy room-mate, Nicole (played by Erica Ash), offer to let her come home with them, but Justine decides she wants to stay on campus to enjoy the solitude and catch up on her studies. What starts out as an idyllic weekend for Justine becomes filled with terror and death for her and everyone left on campus around her.

Justine’s journey into the nightmare world of unwittingly becoming a ‘Kristy’ starts out innocently enough when she drives her room-mate’s BMW to a local off campus convenience store to make a snack run.  Once at the store, she runs afoul of Violet (played by Twilight alumni Ashley Greene), a sullenly aggressive young woman whose features are partially obscured by a hoodie, sunglasses, piercings on her lip and stringy dark hair hanging in her face.  From the moment of that first encounter, the cat and mouse game begins between Justine ..aka ‘Kristy’.. and Violet along with her three masked male companions in killing.  They follow Justine back to the campus where they proceed to terrorize and stalk her with the intent to ‘kill Kristy’ and anyone else who gets in their way of that malicious goal.  Little do Violet and her masked men know that one act of violence on their part will turn what they think is just another easy to kill ‘Kristy’ into their worst nightmare.

Written by Anthony Jaswinski and directed by Oliver Blackburn, Kristy isn’t just another run of the mill ‘final girl in jeopardy’ movie.  In my opinion, it is a very serious, well thought out movie that provides, well written characters played by talented actors that infuse a fair amount of believability into the movie’s premise.  It doesn’t rely on the old clichés of sex and drugs equal death for the young adult characters or that the ‘final girl’ is some misfit. Justine is a strong, smart and determined to survive young woman. Violet is equally as strong and equally as determined to kill her chosen ‘Kristy’. That they are the perfect antithesis of each other, and metaphorically the sides of society, makes Kristy well worth watching if you love action/suspense movies as much as I do.

Marla's Score: 9/10

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