Sunday, June 19, 2016

EDITORIAL: 'Mallrats 2' - The Sequel We've All Been Waiting For, But Never Knew We Wanted

Kevin Smith is a cinematic genius. Period. This became evident to me after watching his 1994 directorial debut, Clerks, for the first time, which you can check out my review of HERE. Mallrats, which came out the following year, furthered my admiration for him, with his films having an irrevant comedic quality that I absolutely love.

I recently read an article on saying that Smith was planning to make a Mallrats sequel. This excited me because I love that film. It's in my top three of Kevin Smith films of all time. Actually, Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy are my top three, in that order. The one thing that made me such an adoring Kevin Smith fan were his characters Jay and Silent Bob. They are the cornerstone of most his films and have a habit of appearing and disappearing in the most awkward situations.

So, you can imagine my excitement when Smith recently announced that his long-awaited sequel to his 1995 film about two guys hanging out at a mall would instead be turned into a 10-episode television series. Few details are known about the plot and production dates are TBD, though Smith had announced a little over a year ago that the sequel would be titled MallBrats.

In my opinion, this will be a huge success and I can't wait until it premieres. I know he had gotten pretty much the entire cast to return for the sequel film (minus Batman himself, Ben Affleck), as seen below, so I wonder if he will be able to get them all to agree to a series. And what will these characters have been up over the last 20 years? Will T.S. and Brodie get dumped again?  Will Brodie still be running his comic book shop as seen in 2001's Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back?

No matter what happens, this series will, no doubt, be funny and entertaining. You probably think I'm just saying that because I'm a Kevin Smith fan, but Smith has delivered funny films in the past and will do so with this series.

So keep reading Merc With A Movie Blog for updates on this long-awaited sequel. This will be a must-see for any Kevin Smith fan.

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