Wednesday, May 25, 2016


The emotional dryness of Alice Through The Looking Glass is so vast and unsettling it made my head ache. Not even a talented and experienced director like James Bobin could manage to save one of the most disastrous screenplays ever to be adapted in recent memory, bringing to the screen a story that is duller and more uninteresting than its predecessor (which is saying something) and makes no justice to Lewis Carroll's rich world.

This movie admittedly has a couple of things going for it: firstly it is never so bad that I got angry at it, it is just boring to the point that it made me feel dizzy every five minutes and I'm sure I lost something in the mix because my eyes were constantly about to close. But we're talking positives: James Bobin demonstrates he is a good director here by making whatever is possible to make out of this mess. The integration of practical effects with CGI is definitely improved over the first film, as the design and color is definitely the element that saves the film from an abyss of dullness. There are also some remarkable visual cues here and there that show Bobin's eye for cinema and comedy. Helena Bonham Carter is, as always, entertaining and has a couple of really funny moments, plus the score, I must admit, is quite good.

And that's it. For the rest we are treated to an assault to our brain that has one of the most incoherent and despicable stories I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing. It is so mind bending how bad this is from its basic story structure it deserves a whole beat-by-beat analyzed commentary to teach what's wrong with the story. Every line or action could be literally ripped apart, I never, ever felt a genuine emotional connection with anybody, and I was never given a reason to do so.

Characters exposing the plot constantly, a whole throwaway sequence where Andrew Scott appears out of nowhere for sixteen seconds for absolutely no reason, an incoherence of internal story logic that goes beyond what I can explain, a story message that is so confused and nonexistent the movie literally turns it around for itself, a plot that dictates story at every turn, predictability in every single climactic moment, suddenly there are transformers in the Alice universe, character relations being so undramatic they start to look like parodies, you name it this movie has it all, I could not believe it, it was frustratingly boring and if there's one thing a blockbuster, visual extravaganza film should not be, it is exactly that.

Disney has had its first terrible quality flop in sometime and its a real down step, I am sorry for all the talent involved which I am a fan of, but this film is not recommendable, child, kid or adult I can't see what anyone would find to enjoy here.

James's Score: 4/10

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