Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What's On Netflix?: WHY STOP NOW?

Welcome to another installment of What's On Netflix?, where we pick out a film currently playing on Netflix and review it for the fans.  This week's choice is the independent dramatic comedy...WHY STOP NOW?

I've noticed lately that I gravitate towards more unknown indie films with one or two recognizable stars in it.  These are the types of films that usually grab my attention when looking for one to review on Netflix.  And this one was no different.  This is a film I have never heard of, but it stars Jesse Eisenberg and Tracy Morgan, two stars I wouldn't expect to see together.

The film tells the story of a piano prodigy, Eli (Jesse Eisenberg), who is on a mission to get his drug-addicted mother (Melissa Leo) into rehab, but when she isn't allowed in for having a clean urine sample, Eli must seek out a quick fix for his mom.  This gets him involved with a couple of drug dealers (Tracy Morgan and Isiah Whitlock Jr.) who take him on a crazy adventure that puts his personal and professional future in jeopardy.

Why Stop Now? was written and directed by Phil Dorling and Ron Nyswaner.  This is Dorling's feature film writing and directorial debut.  Nyswaner previously directed the 1988 dramatic comedy The Prince of Pennsylvania and has been a writer on several films and TV shows such as Philadelphia, Ray Donovan, and Homeland.

Jesse Eisenberg gave a great performance, nicely combining his comedic and dramatic chops.  This was the perfect little role for him, and I would love to see more of this.  Academy Award winner Melissa Leo, who played Eli's mother Penny, was fantastic.  She made you hate her and feel sorry for her all at the same time.  You could tell she had a problem, but she loved her children and didn't want to abandon them, and the back-and-forth between her and Eisenberg was great.  We also got to see some pretty funny moments from Tracy Morgan as drug dealer Sprinkles, whether he's arguing with his partner, Black (played by Isiah Whitlock Jr.), or talking trash about Penny's house.

I was pleasantly surprised with this film.  It had an interesting story, decent humor, a good dramatic hook, all of which helped to make this a nice little, unique film.  If you're looking for something to watch, definitely check this one out.

The Merc's Score: 7/10

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