Monday, October 26, 2015

Box Office Breakdown: 10/23-10/25


Welcome to BOX OFFICE BREAKDOWN, where we discuss this weekends box office results.  The TOP 3 films for the weekend of October 23-25 were GoosebumpsThe Martian and Bridge of Spies.

Let's take a look at how the Top 3 did this weekend...

First off, let's take a look at what stands out this week.  As you can see, none of the Top 3 this weekend are new releases, which is very unusual.  In fact, only one managed to make the Top 5 (The Last Witch Hunter) and one other made the Top 10 (Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension), two if you count the second week wide release of Steve Jobs.


The Martian had another great weekend, popping back up into the #1 spot in its fourth week, bringing in $15.7 million domestically and an impressive $384.7 million worldwide on a production budget of $108 million.  This is definitely Ridley Scott's much needed return to the top.


Jack Black's latest film, Goosebumps, which is based off of the popular children's book series from the 90's, took the second spot at the box office this weekend, dropping only 34.3% with a solid $15.5 million domestically, bringing its worldwide total up to $52.9 million.


The new Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks Cold War thriller, Bridge of Spies, managed to hold onto the #3 spot again this week with $11.4 million, dropping just 26% from its opening weekend.  Combined with its foreign grosses, this puts the worldwide total for Bridge of Spies at a disappointing $39.6 million on a $40 million budget.

Here's a quick rundown of the top 10 films this weekend:

#1 - The Martian - $15,732,907

#2 - Goosebumps - $15,525,901

#3 - Bridge of Spies - $11,374,203

#4 - The Last Witch Hunter - $10,812,861

#5 - Hotel Transylvania 2 - $8,883,348

#6 - Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension - $8,070,493

#7 - Steve Jobs - $7,105,735

#8 - Crimson Peak - $5,666,525

#9 - The Intern - $3,787,039

#10 - Sicario - $2,844,855

Join us next week for another edition of BOX OFFICE BREAKDOWN.  Which movies will be on top?  Which movies will under perform?  Check us out next week for the scoop!

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