Wednesday, May 24, 2023


Reviewed by: Brad Filicky



Directed by: Chad Austin

Written by: Dave Droxler

Starring: Dave Droxler

Synopsis: Robin & Me: My Little Spark Of Madness is an autobiographical play that follows Dave Droxler as he becomes multiple characters and whimsically relives hilarious and difficult life moments, including the times when his father dropped the ball and Robin stepped in to get him through it. But how long will it take before Dave learns how to do it without Robin’s help?

A one man show is not easy. A one man show where the actor plays multiple different characters is even more of a challenge. Kudos, then, to Dave Droxler, who wrote and performs in Robin & Me. He dredges up some difficult memories about his life and relationships while highlighting how the work and personality of Robin Williams helped him through it all.

To do this, he becomes Robin... or rather, he takes on the persona of Robin. Droxler does a good impression of the late comic legend while pulling at the audience's heartstrings as himself. Arguing parents, the challenges of fitting in, growing up, marriage, and fatherhood... Robin has helped him through it all. 

We all felt like we lost a family member when Robin Williams passed away, and Robin & Me shows us why. His humor and compassion was something that deeply resonated with so many. 


But this show isn't all about Robin. It's also about Droxler. He doesn't pull any punches when talking about his life. The constant fighting between his parents, the ups and downs of his time in school, and even his marriage. He faces forward with an emotional honesty that would make Robin proud.

He transforms from character to character naturally (personas of Jim Carrey and Jack Nicholson also make an appearance). His performance WILL move you. This show WILL move you. It may be finishing up its off-Broadway run, but look for this show to return. It's too good to miss. 


Brad's Score: 4/5


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