Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Family Movie Night: THE LITTLE RASCALS (1994)

Welcome to another installment of FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT, where we review a family-friendly film for our faithful fans. This week's selection is the adorable film, THE LITTLE RASCALS from 1994. I recently watched this film after a number of years and fell in love with it all over again.

This film's plot is heartwarming and funny. Alfalfa is in love with Darla, but as a member of the "He-Man Woman Hater's Club", he has to hide his feelings for Darla from his friends. Well, his friends find out and their clubhouse burns down. Sadly, Alfalfa loses his friends' trust and Darla's affection. Will he be able to win back Darla and mend his friendships?

The Little Rascals is a great film about growing up, discovering the opposite sex and learning the true meaning of friendship. Alfalfa's friends go through some funny situations to help him win Darla back; a prime example is them dressing up as ballerinas to attend her dance class.

I enjoyed this movie because all of the child actors had great comedic timing. One of my favorite scenes is when Spanky is dressed up as a ballerina and tries to distract a bully named Butch from beating up Alfalfa. However, his plan goes awry when his wig comes off and Butch realizes who he is. It was hilarious to watch Butch chase Spanky

In another uproarious attempt to win back Darla, Alfalfa decides to sing to her at the talent show and ends up getting sabotaged by Darla's new rich boyfriend Waldo. Guess who plays his father? Our president Donald Trump; I just found that interesting to say the least.

I thought this film conveyed how important friendship and how hard growing up is. Alfalfa has true friends and that is a rarity to find these days. There are several moral lessons contained in this film and is a great treat for the entire family.

Much of this film is based on the original Our Gang/ Little Rascal shorts from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.  They were centered around the adventures of a group of neighborhood kids. I remember watching them as a little girl and laughing hysterically at their mischievous antics.

This film did a fantastic job of introducing the original Our Gang/Little Rascal shorts to a new generation. However, it received mostly negative reviews and holds a 23% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I think Rotten Tomatoes is a great website, but I won't let their scores decide whether or not I watch a film.

The lessons about friendship and never giving up are wonderful, and helped influenced my score. Most families would love to share this film with their children, and definitely should.

Lisa's Score: 9/10

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