Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Writer/Producer Kerry Flemming Onboard for Official DEAD SLATE Screenplay at Ghost Walk Studios

It’s LIGHTS! CAMERA!……MURDER! as Ghost Walk Studios announced on June 25, 2017 that writer/producer Kerry Fleming has signed on to write the official screenplay for the studio’s upcoming feature horror film, Dead Slate.

Mr. Fleming, an accomplished writer is well-known through his partnership with legendary writer Victor Miller, creator of the original Friday the 13th movie and the infamous Jason Voorhees. Mr. Fleming and Mr. Miller have collaborated on two feature screenplays including the feature Rock Paper Dead, directed by Tom Holland and starring Michael Madsen and Maureen McCormick. 
Ghost Walk Studios, which has already produced Ghostwalk: The Farm and its soon to be completed sequel, Estella’s Revenge, looks forward to Mr. Fleming’s official treatment of their next feature film, Dead Slate, as a fresh and dynamic vision of the horror/slasher genre.
Dead Slate, which will have the look and feel of a 1980’s slasher film, takes place behind the scenes on the set of horror film where it’s production is being disrupted by a series of murders and mayhem as a sinister stalker terrorizes the cast and crew both on and off the set. 
Learn more about Kerry Flemming at his official facebook page and keep up to date on Dead Slate at Ghost Walk Studios' facebook page.

Concept artwork copyright 2017 of Ghost Walk Studios artist Tony Vardon.

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