Monday, June 12, 2017

Comedy Corner: SAUSAGE PARTY

Welcome to another installment of COMEDY CORNER, where we review the movies that make the world laugh, or those that just try to. This week's pick is the Seth Rogen R-rated animated comedy, SAUSAGE PARTY

When I first saw the trailers and tv spots for this film last year, I thought that it looked liked FoodFight, you know what trashy animated film I'm talking about, and if you don't, don't waste your time. But Sausage Party is one of the best raunchy comedies I have ever seen. And that's coming from someone who doesn't laugh at much.

Life is good for all the food items that occupy the shelves at the local supermarket. Frank (Seth Rogen) the sausage, Brenda (Kristen Wiig) the hot dog bun, Teresa Taco and Sammy Bagel Jr. (Edward Norton) can't wait to go home with a happy customer. Soon, their world comes crashing down as poor Frank learns the horrifying truth that he will eventually become a meal. After warning his pals about their similar fate, the panicked perishables devise a plan to escape from their human enemies.

Even though I didn't laugh at much, I loved all the situations presented in the film that I just wholeheartedly enjoyed myself. I tend not to laugh at my much, as I said, but it was really funny and had several good scenes, especially the end of the picture. And not to get into too many spoilers, but I'm also kind of glad they didn't use the alternate ending. So hopefully we will get a sequel, because if so, I'll see it first day.

I really liked Seth Rogen as Frank the sausage, he was probably the most fun. Michael Cera had the most humorous scenes though, as he played Barry, a half cut sausage who is constantly picked on. One of my favorite scenes in the whole film is when he goes out and starts talking to a guy who is obviously coked up on drugs. It was great! And when
 the food get chopped up and eaten, I love how it changes to a dark, ominous background, giving you a true sense of horror in their situation.

Sausage Party is just good raunchy fun with great humorous situations and some of my favorite comedic actors.  It is probably my favorite raunchy comedy of all time.

Eddie's Score: 9/10

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