Monday, March 13, 2017

Movie Review: COLLATERAL

Collateral is a film about a cab driver and a hit-man, played by Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise respectively, who come together for one unexpected night. It's directed by Michael Mann and written by Stuart Beattie.

I was recommended this film by a bunch of friends who really love it. So going in I had my expectations set pretty high, and I have to say this film did not disappoint. The whole feel of the movie was cold and yet vibrant. They were able to convey so many ideas and themes between the scenes of action that once the film finishes you start to feel uncomfortable with the feeling of doubt on if you as a human being will make an impact on society.

I think Jamie Foxx plays an incredibly interesting character right from the start. His interesting interactions with other people made him seem like a truly lovable, good human but the film slowly reveals the faults beneath the lens. How he is so human and relatable yet unique at the same time? In contrast I found the character that Tom Cruise played to be rather simplistic at the start, the reveal of the hitman wasn’t a reveal at all because I had watched the trailer and read the small summary on IMDB to gear up for the film. However, as the film moves along I found myself growing really fascinated by him and everything he did and said. I found that both characters synergized wonderfully and made the film overall so much better.

Technically speaking I found the film's cinematography to be one that really helped advance the story by trying to provide the audience with a look at how this cab driver views the world. Similar to how Taxi Driver did.

This is my first film I’ve seen from Michael Mann and it was an incredible film that didn’t disappoint. I think the direction is fantastic, I don’t have many complaints about the film. I do find myself nitpicking on a few things near the end which drop the score for the film as a whole.

Khizer's Score: 9/10

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