Saturday, January 21, 2017

Short Film Spotlight: POWER HUNGRY

Welcome to another installment of SHORT FILM SPOTLIGHT. This week we look at an animated quest to recharge an electric car, POWER HUNGRY. Check it out below.

Howdy fellow film freaks, Robert here. Power Hungry leaves me with more questions than it answers over the course of its brief "story." There's not much more to the plot than what I said at the beginning: a female character (whether she's a child or adult seems to change over the course of the film) is crossing a desert in an electric car when the battery dies. With no other options, she grabs the plug end of the car's apparently infinitely-long cable and starts the hike back to town. There's some brief conflict, but it's over too quickly to really matter. She'll get where she's going, but she won't get her charge.

And that's pretty much it. Power Hungry is one of those films that teases a lot of details and then expands on none of them. I don't mind saying that storytelling conceit bugs me to no end. I want to know why that robot is carrying a potted plant, since the significance of a plant in the desert isn't lost on me? What about that red troglodyte, who hinders the main character for literally only seconds? What's his story? And. most importantly, why (dear God, why) didn't our intrepid heroine just charge up her damn car before she set out? This is the kind of thing a creative writing class would use as a starting point for an assignment. You can project pretty much anything you want onto a minimalist narrative like this one.

It's a good way to kill time during a commercial break, or just want a cartoon quickie, but I need more substance than this.

Robert's Score: 2/10

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