Saturday, January 28, 2017

Short Film Spotlight: CHALK

Welcome back to another installment of SHORT FILM SPOTLIGHT, where we highlight some of the best short films out there.  This week, we take a look at the amazingly powerful film...CHALK.

This is a beautiful, powerful little short film.  It was such a delightful surprise to see just how good this simple seeming film really was.  It shows a young dancer, both on the stage and off, and is overlaid with a speech given by acclaimed author of the Harry Potter franchise, J.K. Rowling, talking about reaching for your dreams.

As I watched the film, I wondered what the message was they were trying to convey.  It was interesting, and the dancing was cool, but the point seemed unclear.  That is, until the ending.  At the end, we see the young girl (played by Madison Combs), who has been dancing all throughout the film... in a wheelchair.  This broke my heart.  It was a gut punch to my soul.  

This film is a magnificent message of hope and never giving up.  Be a dreamer and reach for the unreachable.  But not only is the message beautiful, the film itself is as well.  It has some great cinematography, better than some big budget, feature length films I've seen.  And it's incredibly shot and edited.  All of which, to me, is very impressive.  And that is all thanks to director Chris Neal and the fantastic crew who worked on this film.

Chalk is a film that everyone should check out.  So let me know what you thoughts of this short film down in comments!

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