Thursday, December 8, 2016

Trailer Review: BAYWATCH (Trailer #1)

Hey there guys, my name is Sammy and I am here to talk about the first official trailer for Baywatch that just dropped!

Baywatch is a modern day adaptation of the famous 90s show of the same name that ran from 1989 to 2001, and launched the career's of David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, who will be cameoing in the forthcoming film.

So, with that context out of the way, let's dive (pun intended) into the Baywatch trailer!

This was a fine trailer. I really liked the first scene, featuring Dwayne Johnson saving a young woman from a burning boat. The CGI was choppy, but I really liked how the fire looked on the water, surprisingly great use of the complimentary colour scheme! And I don't know if it is a bad sign or not that the rather serious scene, I think was, probably the best part.

I did also like Zac Efron here quite a bit. I laughed out loud at the bit between Efron and Johnson when they are talking about their balls, and Efron does, what I'm going to call, the Michael Cera voice to personify his balls. That was promising. And I do like that instead of The Rock being the funny character who get's a lot of the zingers, like he did in Central Intelligence earlier this year, to very good results, the filmmakers have chosen Efron to carry the comedic heavy lifting. I think is a great idea because he has shown, in films such as Neighbors and it's sequel, that he can be really funny, and his performance here looks like it will be no exception.

And finally, speaking of Efron and Johsnon, their chemistry here looks very solid. I sense a Woody/Buzz Lightyear vibe between them. With Efron coming in, being the new hot boytoy on the beach, and The Rock being sort of pushed aside. That dynamic, I think, is going to make way for some really good laughs.

On the more negative side, my big problem with the trailer, is that it looks generic. And no, before you comment "What did you expect, it's a Baywatch movie", I know, but that doesn't stop me from voicing my opinion, and my opinion is, that it looks generic, derivative, and frankly, other than the balls bit, most of the jokes fell flat for me. The scene with Efron and Alexandra Daddario didn't make me laugh, even though I do like both actors quite a bit. The scene at the end with the cop, was mildly amusing, but I have seen it before. That is what this trailer screams to me, it screams "YOU HAVE SEEN THIS BEFORE"!

It looks like they are going for 21 Jump Street, meets Neighbors, meets the original Baywatch tv show, meets Fast and Furious, but this time, there's sand!... Which could prove to be a fun time at the multiplex, or could prove to be a bit of a mess. And seriously guys, I adore The Rock. I love him. He can do no wrong...Well, Tooth Fairy was pretty damn awful, but other than that, he has had a pretty solid filmography up to this point, so I am pretty surprised that I didn't really like this trailer. I was expecting to like it more.

Anyways, what do you guys think? Sound off in the comments below! My name is Sammy and you are reading Merc With A Movie Blog!

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