Thursday, November 10, 2016


Howdy fellow film freaks, Robert here. The teaser for the new movie from Luc Besson ("The visionary director of The Fifth Element and Lucy"), called Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, has been delivered unto us mere mortals. Partake below.

Not a lot of details here, just a bit of eye candy set to a remix of an otherwise not-annoying Beatles song. It's a sci-fi movie with lots of CGI, strange beasties, and, because Luc Besson appears to like them, another female hero who looks to be constantly on the verge of choking somebody out. Oh, and the movie is "based on the groundbreaking graphic novel," which I've never heard of. I guess I don't read the right graphic novels.

To get some idea of what this movie is about, I went to IDMB. They have two plot synopses for this movie. One of them is one sentence long. The other says the same thing as the first but takes an entire paragraph and a wealth of adjectives to do so. Basically, the guy we see in the trailer is the titular Valerian. His partner, she of the perpetually imminent choke slam, is Laureline. They're on a mission to investigate the city of Alpha, where dark forces are stirring.

This seems like it might be a good enough summer flick in an "any port in a storm" kind of way, but for the fact that this project is helmed by the man whose most famous work is remembered for featuring a blue opera singer and spawning a one-word internet meme. I'm gonna "multipass" on this one and try the graphic novel instead.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets premiers July 2017.

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