Friday, November 4, 2016


In the supermarket of 'Shopwelles' the food is alive and they all believe that once they are taken by customers, they pass the great doors of the supermarket and they are brought to a paradise for food were humans are their gods. In a turn of events though, Frank (Seth Rogen) discovers the truth about food's existence and once he does he takes it into his own hands to spread the word to everyone and rebel against their so-called gods.

As I have now said probably an unhealthy amount of times, I am the biggest fan there is of this comedy group. I've seen almost every comedy Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Jonah Hill, Judd Apatow and Bill Hader have done and have loved the majority of them, finding great joy and inspiration in their comedy, which has never left behind character. With Sausage Party these people have just added a crowning jewel to their body of work and have made a completely insane film that still manages to stick together and make for a compelling ride.

The premise is absolutely f***ed up as described by Rogen himself. It is totally crazy, but these guys don't simply stop at that, they build around it a world, characters and dynamics that are even more bat-sh*t crazy. This movie is simply not holding back and that is why as an audience member you do not feel cheated by it. Every gag is rewarding in its own way and whilst some of them might fall a little flat, there are so many thrown at you, you don't even realize the ones that aren't hitting.

Be it raunchy, grotesque, outrageous, slapstick, stereotype, sexual, druggie, abusive, dark, satirical, parodist, musical or light-hearted humor, this film hits all of them and it hits them right multiple times, which is ultimately why it is such a success of comedy. Can you think of another film that hits every single one of those notes? I certainly can't and it is definitely a great merit this feature has. All of the comedic brilliance these incredible individuals have managed to muster in all their years is brought to the screen gloriously and it is a joy to experience.

What is also something that managed to really surprise me and ultimately keep me pleasantly engaged is to see how this story unfolds. I did not know what to expect and what I got was incredibly intelligent from a filmmaking point of view. There is an incredible variety of characters that you follow and they are all handed to an interwoven narrative that is solidly crafted, but even better is just as insane as the film's content, which really gives the whole product an even bigger comedic value.

Of course there are a couple of stumbles along the way: some of the secondary characters aren't really well developed and sometimes the filmmakers push for you to feel something that you aren't actually feeling, also some of the chemistry between the characters doesn't really gel together. This also makes some story points fall flat and occasionally pull you out of the film for a couple of minutes.

But there's really not much of a point in trying to dissect any negatives of this picture. Sausage Party is an immensely dense comedy that is as irreverent and funny as I could have hoped for it to be. 

James's Score: 8/10

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