Sunday, October 16, 2016

31 Days of Horror: THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (1974)

Welcome, horror fans, to Day 16 of the 31 DAYS OF HORROR!  We are back with another film in our lead up to Halloween, and today we will be reviewing the the classic slasher film...THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.  Enjoy!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre follows a group of friends who are venturing across the country on a road trip. On their travels, the group stops for gas, but they are rejected by the locals townspeople. After being rejected, the friends travel to a local swimming hole trying to find some gas, after discovering that the swimming hole is empty they stumble across what appears to be an old abandoned farmstead. And what awaits them at the farmstead is a horror they could have never imagined. A family of cannibals, including their twisted deformed son who only goes by "Leatherface" tortures this group of friends, killing them off one by one in creative, yet sick and twisted ways.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the few slasher films made between 1970-1990 that actually holds up. With a glorified visual style from director Tobe Hooper, the film manages to bring an auteur like style to the otherwise niche and cliche filled slasher film, with a strong opening that builds up a slow anticipation towards an absolutely pulse pounding, scream-filled extravaganza. Everything from the shots that last just long enough to make us feel the pressure and anxiety, to the close ups of disgust, and the wide shots of sickness and debauchery.

In terms of horror, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre manages to turn it up to eleven and fire on all cylinders. It is quite the slasher film which is incredibly difficult to achieve with masters of the horror genre like Wes Craven, John Carpenter and David Cronenberg. But somehow Tobe Hooper manages to score a glorious horror film not only once but twice. Tobe Hooper brings the grittiness and absolutely glorifies the blood, guts, and absolute disgust that encapsulates The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. One thing that helps this film continue to be held in such high regard is that the story allows for the opportunity to expand and glorify this horror. The story makes absolute perfect sense for the level of extremity that the violence is taken to, which adds even more to the situation.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a wonderfully reminiscent piece of horror cinema that takes you on a time machine trip the 70's. Not only with it's abrasive and artistic visual style, but with it's over the top ridiculous violence and gore. Making this film a joyful watch, especially around this time of the year.

Joshua's Score: 10/10

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