Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Trailer Review: UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS (Trailer #1)

Kate Beckinsale returns to the eternal war between vampires and werewolves lycans in a new trailer for Underworld: Blood Wars, the fifth installment in the Underworld saga. I predict the two sides are going to keep working out their differences the old-fashioned way. Check out the trailer below.

My first thought when I heard there was going to be another Underworld movie was that this was another reboot of an old franchise to cash in on nostalgia. It turns out, though, that Blood Wars is being released more or less in keeping with the pace of releases in this series thus far: there's been a new Underworld movie released about every three years since 2003. So why is this trailer working so hard to remind us that the series exists? The first half is made up entirely of footage from the series' previous installments. I'm prepared to write this off as a "first official trailer" thing, remind people about all the awesome moments that have happened in the story thus far so you can sell them on the next chapter, but hopefully the next trailer will have more of a look at what comes next.

We get our first looks of the new film about halfway in, and they're the expected crumbs from the table top. All we learn about the story is that a new leader has arisen among the lycans, a man named Marius, played by Tobias Menzies. Apparently Menzies played Edmure Tulley on Game of Thrones, but since that name rings no bells with me either I have yet to get excited over this. Anyway, the lycans are up to their old tricks, with the goal of -- wait for it -- destroying the vampires once and for all. Once again Celine (Beckinsale) will have a major role to play, but it seems her fellow bloodsuckers still haven't quite forgiven her for that whole "killing two elders and exposing the lies at the foundation of vampire society" thing from the earlier movies. Ah well, I imagine she'll soldier through. The rest of the trailer is disconnected action sequences and throwaway lines of dialogue, so the target audience this time are fans of the series thus far, and people who thought Twilight was the only vampire movie series out there.

I've enjoyed the Underworld saga so far for its smarter-than-the-average-action-movie plots and the fact that the story gets continued with each new installment (apart from 2009's Rise of the Lycans, which was a prequel) instead of just retreaded. Hopefully they've got enough of that magic left in the tank for one more outing.

Underworld: Blood Wars premiers on October 14th, and is not yet rated.

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