Monday, January 25, 2016

Movie Review: MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

2015 was filled with so many good films, including Ex Machina, The Revenent, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and many more.  But one stood out to me as a very special film, and that film was Mad Max: Fury Road.

Now, I'm not saying that Mad Max: Fury Road is the best film of the year, though it is in my Top 5.  This is actually the first Mad Max film that I've ever seen, and I loved it.  Director George Miller's visual style was incredible, from the landscapes, to the vehicle designs, and even the character designs.  It was mesmerizing.

Tom Hardy's Max played more like a secondary character to Charlize Theron's Furiosa.  The film follows Max as he is captured by a band of savages who feast off war and control the resources of their land.  This is where we meet Furiosa, right-hand of this group's leader.  However, she has a secret plan of her own that causes a vicious chase to ensue.

Hardy was great in this film, playing the gritty and mysterious wanderer.  Joined by the very talented Charlize Theron, these two played off one another perfectly, proving that just because the two main characters are a man and a woman, that doesn't mean they have to become romantic.  Nicholas Hoult played Nux, the War Boy chasing down Furiosa to prove his worthiness and earn his place in Valhalla, and his performance was brilliant.

This film was fantastic in almost every way.  It was beautifully striking, had great performances and direction, and was scored perfectly.  This was one of my Top 3 films of 2015 and is one I highly recommend.

The Merc's Score: 9/10

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