Sunday, December 6, 2015

Stunning Short Film, 'The Shaman', Makes Its Way Online


I recently came across an amazing Sci-Fi short film by the director of Ainoa, Marco Kalantari, call The Shaman.  This short film is described by the filmmakers as "mind-bending", and they were right. 

The film has a very intriguing premise, amazing production value, and breath-taking visuals that rival even some big-budget Hollywood films.
The short premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2015. From there it was screened at several film festivals around the world. The full film is now online for you to watch, and it’s one that you don’t want to miss.
The dark year 2204, in a world that has seen 73 years of continuous war. Recently mankind re-discovered the arts of Shamanism. The Shaman’s school of thought believes that every person or object has a soul. During battle Shamans step over into the Netherworld to find and convert the souls of their enemies’ giant battle machines. This tactic enables a single man to overcome an invincibly seeming steel monster.
This is the story of Joshua, a Shaman, who is sent on a mission to convert the soul of a giant battle colossus. He does not yet know that the soul is prepared for his coming and that the deadly psychological soul-to-soul confrontation in the Netherworld will be on eye level.
This is the type of film that would work beautifully as a feature-length film.  It would allow for a deeper understanding of the characters and the situation the currently find themselves in.  On top of the stunning visuals and premise, the thing that intrigued me the most were the philosophical ideas of the film, particularly the idea of all objects, including machines having a soul, and Shamans being
able to interact with them.

Check out this mesmerizing piece of cinematic beauty below:

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